Put Your ATS Into Overdrive


The WFX Recruiting Platform Enhances & Turbo Charges Your Applicant Tracking System

  • Enhances your ATS to enable recruiters to be more efficient, effective and productive.
  • Simplifies the entire management process.
  • Requires minimal manual interactions on the part of recruiters.
  • Requires minimal training to implement and manage.
  • Heavy lifting done by applied intelligence and automated robotic process.
  • Transactional processing automatically transfers information from one sub-process to the next sub-process.
  • Fast tracks the recruitment process.

Meeting Today’s Recruiting Challenges


WFX Digital Recruiter Solutions

  • Multiple sourcing channels/ methodologies
  • Opportunity to promote branding
  • Reduces cost per search by over 80%
  • Cost effective augmentation to internal recruiter staffing
  • Fully integrated AI/RPA platform reduces recruiter processing, speeding time to fill
  • Proven, superior position-specific matching technology the WFX Matching Engine

Today’s Challenges

  • Shortage of qualified candidates
  • Competition for Talent or “War for Talent”
  • Spiraling third party agency charges
  • Increasing internal staffing overhead
  • Declining recruiter productivity
  • Finding candidates with precise skills & experience