The WFX Digital Talent Acquisition Solution Seamlessly Integrates all Aspects of the Recruitment Process onto One Single Platform

WorkForceConnexion’s team, leveraging their extensive experience of building technology solutions and putting them into practice in the real world by helping companies, large and small, identify and hire the very best and most relevant talent, designed and built the ultimate recruitment platform to manage the entire recruitment process from start to finish. They know the pain and challenges in recruitment today and along with their own vast experience and knowledge, sought the input of hiring managers, recruiters and job seekers across the country, to design a solution to address the needs of all parties.

The platform not only handles the more laborious and time consuming elements of the recruitment process, but differentiating functionalities include:

  • Expansive and innovative candidate sourcing – multi-channel technological driven accumulation of professional profiles

  • Candidate/position-specific matching. Drilled-down proficiency levels and hands-on experience for each required skill and area of knowledge.  AI-driven based on 15 years of data – No 30,000 ft. “fuzzy” matching

  • Job roles with all associated hard and soft skills, specific knowledge and certifications – This facilitates open requisition input and superior matching capabilities

  • Seamless integration of multiple functionalities – From video interviewing, background checks, and employer of record services, to immediate interview feedback and ratings.

  • Automated communications with every applicant/candidate throughout the recruitment process – No more black holes!

  • Integrated interview scheduling

One Single Automated Digital Platform that Manages the Entire Recruitment Process from Start-to-Finish

Replaces separate non-integrated tools that were previously required to manage the process

Replaces separate non-integrated tools that were previously required to manage the process


Principal Features