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Automating and Optimizing the Recruiting Process

Click here to learn more about how KT eases your pain in this process.

Click here to learn more about how KT eases your pain in this process.


The Problem

Too Many Resumes, Not Enough Qualified Candidates

Whether you’re a hiring manager, recruiter, or HR Professional, finding the right talent to fill a position can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. All too often you are swamped with resumes that don’t meet your requirements, or you utilize expensive staffing companies often to no avail.

The Solution


WorkForceConnexion can help your company fill your open positions quickly and at a low cost. Most importantly, our exclusive solution will exactly match the right person to the right job. Our proprietary new Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Alternative Search solution will help you and your recruitment staff find the very best talent and on-board them quickly and cost-effectively.

We partner with your own in-house resources, alleviating them of the time-consuming chore of sourcing, qualifying and matching candidates position/project specific.

Our services:

  • Professional and Contract Placements
  • Job role specifications
  • Position specific associated hard and soft skills specific areas of knowledge, certifications, professional licenses, etc.
  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Candidate Position / Project Specific Matching
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Video Interviewing
  • Background Checks
  • Direct Voice Feedback - Candidate/Hiring Manager
  • Employer of Record/Payroll Services
  • Candidate and Company Reviews
  • Salary surveys
  • Subscriber branding, promoting their company and its culture

How it works

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Qualified, Active Profiles of Thousands of Professionals

At WorkForceConnexion, we attract thousands of potential candidates who enter their profiles into our exclusive database. Each candidate is asked to rate their proficiency in a variety of hard and soft skills and specific areas of knowledge. These correspond to skills and specifics you, as the hiring company, have specified are critical for the position.

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The HR manager's perfect partner

We team up with an organization’s internal recruitment resources to provide a high quality Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Search capability. We assume the time-consuming task of identifying, qualifying and matching prospective candidates for each unique position requirement. This enables internal recruiters to focus on the high-level interviewing of matched candidates.


Cost-effective pricing model — Annual Subscription

  • No per placement costs
  • No per user cost
  • No limitation on position requisitions posted or candidates presented

efficient & expedient

Our proprietary technology and process compiles matched candidates quickly and objectively. Likewise, our single cloud-based platform allows access to reports, additional services, and communications.




How We Compare

As noted in the chart below, WorkForceConnexion provides many services other options do not. We are the innovative, management search alternative.



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