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Don’t job boards already match candidates to each job and staffing agencies do the same?  

That is their claim but they are incredibly inefficient and ineffective.

Job boards use old “keyword” technology that cannot hone in on exactly what the hiring manager is looking for.   For example, the requirement may be to find a“Certified corporate sales trainer”.  Using the keyword search matching, you get  resumes from personal fitness trainers, educators, technical trainers and every other profession that may have the word “trainer” in their title.

Staffing agencies are manpower driven and recruiters cost money; are extremely competitive (first to the post); and by and large are commission based.  With agencies, the goal is to minimize time and resources spent to assess, evaluate and match project specific not expended by the vast majority.  

We already have tools that source and match candidates.  Why another one?

WorkforceConnexion is a full service, on line platform NOT a tool.   Built as an innovative affordable alternative to traditional management/professional search but without the high per placement, per user or per transaction costs, WorkforceConnexion offers all of the process matching, and support for recruiters with better communication and scheduling.

So, why are you so different that you can help source and match candidates better than others? 

Quality of results.   Active, relevant, profiled database of professionals – actual skills, experience, proficiency levels in each; professional certifications (when obtained); education; specific industry experience; languages spoken; secret security clearances, etc.  No hit or miss word matching.

Additionally,  WorkforceConnexion is highly affordable:  Subscription based business model.  Subscribers will pay scaled subscription rates based on the revenue size of their companies.  No high placement fees – no additional fees when a contractor transfer from temp to perm.  One annual rate and for companies with under $1 billion in revenues, unlimited postings.

Why do you believe that your registrants (professionals) will be honest when completing their profile information which will allow your technology to match them project/position specific?

It is a great question and WorkforceConnexion has interviewed hundreds of professionals about this question and studied it thoroughly. 
Our answer to getting accurate, true information is three unique techniques:

  1.  The registrants will not be responding to a specific job specification.  In addition to information being taken from their resume and automatically populating various fields, they will be asked to make specific selections that relate to their skills, experience, proficiency levels and professional certifications that again will specifically relate to them and not tailored to a unique job / project requirement so they cannot “customize.”
  2. Second at the beginning and end of each registration application, there will be a short paragraph which says the following:
    “You will be asked to warrant and sign your profile information by the hiring company at the time of interview that the information provided is true and accurate.”

    WorkforceConnexion’s predecessor online application process used the same statement for over 10 years and which thousands of applicants have completed.  Many communicated that once they read this statement they went back and amended certain things realizing that this was not just an impersonal, arms-length, somewhere in “cyberspace” form, but one which could have very hands on implications down the road at the time of interview.
  3. WorkforceConnexion will be using a post interview evaluation process.  At the end of every project, or position assignment, the hiring manager will complete an online “exit” interview on the Member.  This will result in the member being rated as to their performance on the job; whether their skills and experience in fact did match the requirements as stated; their work ethic; their communication skills; team player attributes, etc.

What if no matches are made or candidates decline interest?

Our search analysts constantly monitor subscriber accounts and will provide feedback to the hiring manager/recruiter. When a candidate declines an potential role, he/she must declare a reason why they declined.  The platform assembles these and alerts if something is amiss.

In today’s increasingly competitive employment economy where professional positions are growing in demand, will WorkForceConnexion promote my company’s brand to prospective candidates?

Each of our subscribing companies will have their corporate information: – logo, link to their website and own page through which to promote their company and brand to prospective candidates.     

How long does it take to implement?

WorkforceConnexion is offered as a SaaS platform.  You can be up and running in minutes (literally) and with 60-90 minutes of onboarding with one of our analysts, you can open and post your first position.  It takes time to scour the database of candidates but you will have results the next day.

Our biggest challenge is not only finding the right people in the first place, but retention. How will your solution help us on that front? 

Because we match people position specific – not just in terms of their having the right skills and experience for the position, but also looking at a good cultural fit and meeting their requirements as to the kind of organization they wish to work for, the potential for them to assimilate long term into a client company is greatly increased.