The Right Solution to Meet Each Client’s Specific Needs and Budget


The WFX Digital Talent Acquisition Platform is integrated to work in concert with a company’s existing Applicant Tracking System, adding functionalities and technologies to enhance and “supercharge” the recruitment process which make internal recruiting resources more productive and achieve better outcomes for candidate selection. This is a SaaS subscription based on the size of the subscribing company. The subscription does not limit the number of positions run through the platform nor the number of users.

WFX Managed platform Service

A managed service is offered for smaller companies who do not have internal recruiting resources which effectively provides a dedicated recruiter to the subscribing company to manage recruiting for them through the WFX Digital Talent Acquisition Platform. . Like the Enterprise Integrated Self-Managed Platform option, the Managed Platform Service is provided on a SaaS subscription based on the company’s size and projected annual hiring requirements.



ATs Refreshment


This service option provides clients a minimum of five qualified, active and interested candidates who have been matched position specific (skills, specific knowledge, industry experience, compensation requirements, etc.) on a low per position cost basis. The client may hire any number of individuals identified for the position without incurring any further cost over and above the position fee.

Traditional executive search services are offered for senior level positions or targeted and hard to fill positions which require a high touch approach to identifying, assessing candidates. This service is offered on a retained or contained fee basis.

As in sales, your best new customer is your existing customer. In the same way applicants who have expressed an interest in working for a company in the past, may be your best new candidate. The WFX Technology queries a company’s existing Applicant Tracking System to contact applicants who have applied previously and get them to update and refresh their professional information thus creating and expanding your talent pool.

Advancing employees within an organization is the best way to retain them. Many companies do not have a process, other than for employees to constantly troll the careers page for open positions of knowing what other opportunities are available within the organization for them to be considered for. By profiling current employees in a secure and private database exclusive to the company they can be matched to open opportunities within the organization, decreasing the chance they will be headhunted away to a competitor.


Each solution offered by WorkForceConnexion leverages the WFX Platform and its proprietary technology to ensure superior service and the highest possible of candidate specific matching.

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