Modernizing and Making Recruiting More Efficient and Effective through Digital Transformation

Increases productivity, significantly improves outcomes and cuts costs

The Metrics

A customer who integrates the WFX platform onto their existing Applicant Tracking System to provide all the additional functionality and processes required to effectively manage talent acquisition from start to finish, can benefit as follows:

Digitalizing the Talent Acquisition Process

Source: Bersin/Deloitte Study

Source: Bersin/Deloitte Study

No Large Capital Outlay

SaaS Model Based on Size of Company (Number of Employees)


Matched Candidate Data Results

Compiled Over 15 years Using the WFX Matching Engine

·         95% candidates assessed and matched selected for interview

·         97% of those selected for interview, are hired

·         5.75 years average tenure

Time and Cost to Identify Qualified Candidates for Hiring Manager Consideration*

recruiter savings.jpg

The Advantages

  • Supports a process that identifies, attracts and retains key talent.

  • Promotes a strong overall employer brand to attract the most qualified applicants.

  • Leverages social engineering to project positive recruitment experience to incoming applicants.

  • Effectively sources, assesses, and matches candidates position specific. Right person, right job.

  • Accelerates identifying and hiring the right candidate faster to reduce the cost of vacancy (COV).

  • Increases internal recruitment resources to be more productive – reduce costs.

  • Advances diversity hiring.

  • Defends against litigation based on discrimination.

  • Provides employee advancement and supports retention.

  • Generates business metrics reporting.