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The Problem

Irritating Applicant Tracking Systems - Ineffective Processes - Indifferent Attitudes

Looking for a job can be a frustrating, laborious, and even arcane process. As a job seeker, too often you encounter the bottomless pit of a company’s online application system when applying for a position. Even worse, you waste countless hours in interviews only to discover you don’t really have the skills and experience the hiring manager wanted, or the compensation was not what you would even consider. No call backs – no feedback. Just silence! And, as a passive candidate, it is hard if not impossible to keep your finger on the pulse as to what is happening in your profession and gaining access to positions that might appeal and be your next best move without having to go through excessive rigors and hoops just to get the information when you may not even be ultimately interested.

The Solution


WorkForceConnexion can change the way you find your next career opportunity. We match the right person to the right job – for FREE! Our proprietary new Recruitment Process and Management Search Solution will help you find the very best job for your skills, qualifications, level of experience, and compensation requirements. WorkForceConnexion brings together all the disparate, yet very necessary elements of the recruiting process into one efficient platform. All at no cost to you! We value our candidate members and only match you to positions at the compensation you specify, with the type of company you select, and in the locations you choose. Let us be your career coach and job search consultant! We want to work for you!

How it works

Your detailed profile will have information a resume can never adequately convey and knowing what your requirements are, we will be able to identify and match you to position specific positions and present only those which could be of interest to you. Whether you are actively looking for a new opportunity or passively monitoring activity in your professional area. Our advanced algorithms matching both structured and unstructured data, ensure that we get it right!

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Whether you are actively seeking or passively looking, WorkForceConnexion can help you find the right match for your skills and qualifications and meet your specified requirements. 

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To become a member of WorkForceConnexion, just complete the online profile of relevant, self-selected, hard skills, specific areas of knowledge and soft skills. Then rate your proficiency in each area. That’s it! We do the rest. 



WorkForceConnexion will match your profile to jobs in our extensive database using proprietary algorithms. With this process, recruiters find candidates that meet their criteria, and you only receive jobs that meet yours.



Our subscribing companies trust in WorkForceConnexion’s process. They know we only present candidates who meet their specific job requirements and who are sincerely interested in the position and company. They take our list of interested candidates so seriously it’s almost considered a first-hand referral.



Stop paying to view and apply for jobs! At WorkForceConnexion, we believe that you shouldn’t have to pay to find a job. Our process is free to job seekers. So whether you are actively seeking or passively looking, it does not cost you anything to keep your profile up-to-date and in front of recruiters, hiring managers, and HR professionals.


NO more bottomless applicant tracking systems

Tired and frustrated of applying for positions but never hearing anything back? WorkForceConnexion is constantly working for you – looking for positions that you would be a good match for and could be interested in. You will hear from us in the same way we want to hear from you about your experiences, feedback and what we can be doing better. You are a member of our community and we value you.




Let WorkForceConnexion Work for You

  • Once you complete a profile and join our membership, we do the rest. There’s no need to complete application after application for each opportunity you find interesting. Our proprietary algorithms match your hard and soft skills, and level of expertise to the requirements input by the recruiter. When you are recommended for a position, you’re not one of 250 resumes in a pile. Instead, you are a carefully selected candidate.

  • Don’t get swamped with job alerts that offer positions you don’t want, don’t require your skillset, and don’t meet your salary requirements. With careful matching, we narrow the choices to the ideal position. Plus, you get to verify the job opportunities you want before your resume is presented to the recruiter.

  • WorkForceConnexion partners with a wide variety of companies to list their open positions, and job specific requirements. The information you add to your profile provides knowledge way beyond the typical resume. The self-rating system, combined with the hard and soft skills and specific areas of knowledge provides an in-depth view of your qualifications to the hiring company.


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