Frequently Asked Questions
FROM Candidates


How is WorkForceConnexion going to be any different from all the other bottomless and “never a response from” ATS systems, job boards and career pages I apply for positions through?

It may sound trite but we really do care about our candidates and value each and every one.  In fact one of the reasons that the founder of WorkForceConnexion wanted to set up this particular business model was because having been in the search business for over a decade, her frustration was she could not help more candidates and people who were referred to her through the traditional search model where companies would only pay for or be interested in candidates for positions they had retained her for.  Because WorkForceConnexion is a subscription based service and not per placement or per position, it encourages companies to post all their open professional positions with us thus broadening the opportunity for our Members to be considered for hundreds of more jobs than they otherwise would be.  Most importantly, you will be hearing from us every step of the way and we will continue to work on your behalf today, tomorrow and into the future.

Is it really not going to cost me anything for what appears to be a far better service that few, if any others, are providing?

Not a penny!  But remember that the quality of the time you put it will be rewarded by better opportunities.

I am only interested in contract positions.  Most online services do not have the ability to offer employing me and leasing me back to the hiring company – only dealing with straightforward permanent positions.  Am I wasting my time becoming a Member of WorkForceConnexion or should I be focusing only on traditional contract staffing companies to find me work?

WorkForceConnexion provides payroll/employer of record services to all its subscribing companies and therefore everyone who is selected can be employed through us to work at the subscribing company they have been matched to and for whom they would like to take on a project for.

Your registration process, from what I have heard, takes longer than most I am familiar with where all I have to do is upload my resume, fill in my name, address and contact information and maybe check off a couple of multiple choice boxes.  Why should I spend 30 minutes or so to complete your registration and profile?

Yes, you do have to do more than upload a resume and fill in a couple of fields.  How is that working for you now?

From our testing and feedback, the WorkforceConnexion process takes about the same amount of time as any other application process.  Again, you get back what you put in however in the case of WorkforceConnexion, we don’t believe you’ll be putting in that much more time.