Hiring Managers face many challenges when it comes to talent acquisition. Not only do they need to effectively perform their own job whilst trying to find talent for their organization, but they face challenges in outdated recruiting processes as well. Of course there are factors that are out of their control, such as smaller applicant pools but talent often needs to be acquired quickly, candidates need to fit the organizational culture, positions often require a diverse set of skills, and managers are often unclear as to where to source talent.

 “When hiring an employee, the most difficult part of the process always seems to be writing the job description and then conveying the importance of the criteria to the recruiter. Positions are often complex and require a diverse set of skills.  This was especially true in a recent position where I worked in a marketing agency but the ideal candidate needed to have a financial and analytical background. To be successful, the candidate also needed presentation skills. This was not the typical prospect our recruiters were used to finding. To resolve this, we had to review multiple resumes together so I could highlight for the recruiter key elements of the resume and their importance to me. It was a lot of work, but we got there together eventually!”
Jan Carlson, Smart Communications, Inc.
“One of the most difficult aspects of recruiting today is ensuring that the new recruit fits well with our organizational culture. It is pretty easy to assess skills, we do that with prior experience verification, detailed interviews and careful reference checking, but cultural fit is more challenging. And because recruiting is expensive and we'd like to keep new recruits for a while, we want them to enjoy working with us and vice versa. We make an effort to share the culture and get feedback on prospect desires for the workplace - that's what will help us hang on to top performers.” 
Joe ****
“My biggest challenge with the hiring process is that typically when I need to fill a position. I need to fill it NOW. I receive lots of resumes from interested parties, but only a fraction of those are on target. And upon deeper review (e.g. phone interview or face-to-face interview), I'm lucky to find someone that I want to hire. But again, I need someone NOW.  So I choose to compromise my needs even though I know it's a less than ideal decision.  It's a trade-off of course, and unfortunately it tends to be only a temporary solution.”

There is a very real need for an efficient, cost effective, fully integrated, innovative talent acquisition and recruiting solution.

"WorkForceConnexion is revolutionizing the job search and recruiting industry with new software-as-as-service (SaaS) technology that will enable talent acquirers, including recruiters and HR managers, to match professionals with the right positions or projects instantly without the hassle of weeding through positions on job boards and searching for candidates using ineffective Boolean key word searches at a fraction of the cost. We augment a company's internal recruitment resources with high-quality recruitment process outsourcing and search capabilities, including job and position-specific matching using our propriety algorithms combined with traditional services like candidate profiles, video interviewing, background checks, and payroll/benefits."
Indra Turnbull, President and CEO of WorkForceConnexion.  

With solutions like this offering a plethora of services in one innovative package, including; job role templates, in depth candidate analysis to enable culture matching, proactive fast talent acquisition, video interviewing, background checks, and no per placement fees, to name a few, hiring managers can overcome the challenges they have faced historically. They can source talent quickly, effectively and proactively, safe in the knowledge that they have access to the best possible matches for their organization and that they will be able to retain that talent moving forward.