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The Next Logical Step in Search & Talent Acquisition Optimization

The WorkForceConnexion platform simplifies, automates and actively optimizes talent acquisition via a total digital platform that consolidates human expertise.


Bringing together onto one platform all the component parts of a first-class, solutions-oriented, new-wave, recruiting/search service...

Sourcing – Assessing – Matching – Presenting – Interview Scheduling – Video Interviewing – Background Checks – Payroll/Employer of Record



We recognize your frustrations with auto emails promising a match, endless hours submitting resumes to big black holes, or searching outdated, inactive job postings for a possible opportunity. WorkForceConnexion on the other hand works to identify exactly the right positions for you, meeting your job requirements and matching your knowledge, skills, and experience with real, active opportunities. You'll find a process with us that asks for a little more time from you at the front end, but saves time in chasing dead ends and feeling despair trying to navigate the job search landscape.

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Talent Acquirers

WorkForceConnexion's digital recruiter, KT - our Digital Robotic Process Automated Recruiter -  is the HR Manager’s perfect partner. On one platform we bring together and have integrated all the component pieces of talent acquisition and recruiting – efficiently, effectively and extremely cost-friendly. From sourcing, assessing, matching position/project specific to presenting Qualified, Active and Interested candidates, along with supporting services of video interviewing, background checks, interview scheduling, payroll/employer of record services and promoting our clients’ brands,WorkForceConnexion is a service-oriented one-stop solution to meet all of a company’s recruiting needs.

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